čtvrtek 19. května 2011

Komentář k finální verzi

We offered you triple rooms at the following properties:
* Sentrim 680 Hotel
* L´Oasis Lodge
* Tarangire Safari Lodge
* Tindiga Tented Camo
* Migunga Forest Camp

I also added one extra night in the Serengeti at the same Lodge.
The reason being, in my personal opinion this would offer them much more time for game viewing, because they will have 2 days where they have the whole day to drive in all different directions.
The other option would be to say the second night at Lobo Wildlife Lodge further on, but that would mean the next morning they have to get up early and are going to spend the whole day driving from point A - B (NGO Conservation Area)
There will be very little time to stop for some pictures because the drive is long.
We also find that the clients enjoy to spend at least somewhere on safari 2 nights at the same place, this was they can relax a little and enjoy what the Lodge have to offer.

Off course if they want the second night in another lodge we will be happy to offer that, you should just make them aware of the long drive back to the NGO Conservation area with not much game viewing.

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